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Do you own or work for a Conservative business or organization? The recent Bud Light and Target marketing disasters show that conservative businesses need to work with a conservative marketer. This is because working with someone who shares your values, beliefs, and ideologies can help ensure that the message you want to communicate through your marketing efforts is accurate and effective.

Working with a Conservative marketing agency also allows you to reach out to like-minded individuals with similar perspectives on life and business. By partnering up with an agency that understands where you’re coming from, you can be sure that they will create content aligned with your goals while staying true to your core values.

The problem with non-conservative agencies

Many marketing agencies are made up of young people who are liberal and live on the east coast. That can be bad for conservatives because their ideas may not match yours. They often have an ideology that is contrary to western civilization. Not only that, but their lived experience is different than your average conservative.

Many liberal agencies are not religious and don’t share the values many people in this country hold. They may believe in progressive ideals but ultimately lack an understanding of the morals and world view of those on the other side of the spectrum. As a result, their ideas about marketing are not in line with what is seen as appropriate or good for conservatives.

For example, if you put out a conservative message using their copy or design, it may be off-putting and reduce the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

My agency understands what is necessary to effectively reach the conservative market through messages tailored exactly to fit your needs.

How can you trust someone that hates you with your media campaigns and designing creative solutions to your marketing problems?

At our agency, we understand that you’re conservative and believe in the values that make this country great. We also have years of experience working with an organization like yours. Our team has a proven track record of success, and we will deliver innovative marketing solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Conservative marketing not polical

Political Campaigns – Conservative not Republican

Political campaigns are typically turning to conservative marketing agencies for assistance. These companies understand what conservatives think and believe and will create solutions for them. This means political campaigns can trust these agencies with their media campaigns and design creative solutions to their marketing problems.

However, it also means that most conservative companies don’t know how to do different marketing styles. They have one expertise, and it’s political campaigns. They typically focus on direct mail and social media, meaning they may need help to achieve your goals in other areas of advertising or digital marketing.

You don’t have voters. You have customers and an audience.

Your average conservative marketing agency is a media firm filled with a media consultant team worried about the political establishment(i.e., Donald Trump & Barack Obama). They don’t care about the average brand. They care about how republicans are doing in Twitter politics. Their goal is to engage voters and win elections.

We want you to make sales and have an impact.

That’s the difference between a media consultant and Aqueduct Marketing. We work with brands and organizations that are conservative but not in politics. Our clients are not candidates.

If you want a marketing agency that understands both sides of the political spectrum and is focused on helping you achieve your campaign goals, then you need to work with an agency like Aqueduct Marketing.

A conservative marketing agency that tries to tell your story.

Aqueduct Marketing helps brands and organizations with their marketing needs. We offer SEO, email marketing, copywriting, and paid media services. We understand your side of the political aisle and work to help you reach your goals.

We will tell your story in a way that makes sense for you.

Our clients are conservative businesses and organizations across many industries. But something they all have in common is a core set of American values. Whether it’s family, hard work, or patriotism, we understand the issues that matter most to our clients and work to help them achieve their goals.

At Aqueduct Marketing, we take a hands-on approach to the market, providing you with the best possible results. From improving your search rankings to increasing your email list size, we have the expertise and skills you need to succeed. So if you’re looking for a partner that understands your political views, look no further than Aqueduct Marketing. We’re here for you every step of the way!

If you’re interested in working with an agency that shares your values.

If you’re interested if working with a marketing agency that shares your values and knows how to market to a conservative audience, reach out using our contact page. We’ll provide you with a free marketing audit and help you reach the marketing goals you want to achieve.

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Jon Elordi is a marketer based out of eastern PA. He has over ten years of marketing experience both on the agency side and in house. He got his start in marketing as a data analyst, and data is a part of everything he does.

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