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Work with people who share your values.

Work with someone who shares your values

The average Madison Avenue marketing agency is filled with elitist marketers that hate you and what you believe.

How do I know this?

Because I used to work on Madison Ave, I know them personally.

I’m Jon Elordi, the founder of Brandywine Advertising, and I believe that a marketing agency needs to like and know their client.

Work with a marketing agency that shares your values.

We’re passionate about helping organizations like yours spread their message and tell their story.

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No More Frustration | No More Wasted Time | Get More Results

Tired of marketers not understanding your brand?

New York-based agencies are clueless about non-mainstream audiences. If you don’t even know a conservative, how can you market a product to one? We are conservatives. We write copy and make ads for conservatives and conservative clients.

Target your audience specifically

When you run ads, are they filled with negative comments from people all across the political spectrum? Social media companies have made targeting conservatives harder. W

Tell stories that convert

Marketing agencies are notorious for wasting money. We are a results-driven marketing agency. We like our clients and want them to succeed. That’s why we’ll never waste your money. We will be are your marketing department. We’re not yes-men, we’re partners, and we’ll treat you like one.

Located near the action — The Best Customer Service

We work in conservative media and the nonprofit space. We know that the average conservative agency has terrible customer service. We’ve had our share of bad deals and frustrating conversations.

Our convenient location allows us to be near New York City, Washington DC, Baltimore, and Philadelphia.

As conservatives we know your options are limited. We won’t take advantage of that. Madison Avenue professionalism without the woke ideology.

What people are saying

Chris DeCicco

“Jon was professional, knowledgable, and delivered quickly. He gave me great suggestions on how to make the project even better and his communication was top-notch. This included taking the time to explain to me things I didn’t understand. His attention to detail was meticulous. Look forward to working with him again.”

“He did an excellent job. Gave suggestions on how to approach the project from angles we hadn’t requested. Definite rehire.”

Rachel Wang

The problem with most marketing agencies

  • They’re staffed by young coastal liberals.
  • They make their money from a 15% trafficking markup.
  • They have mostly liberal clients, so they have no incentive to keep a good reputation in conservative circles.

How Brandywine Advertising is different

  • We’re staffed by conservatives.
  • No trafficking markup.
  • Conservatism is a small world. It’s important that we have a good reputation.
  • Willing to go against the predominant culture(i.e. pride logos).

It’s not easy being a conservative. We can help.

Our Services

Email Marketing

Build a relationship with your customers and a source of reoccurring revenue.

Email marketing is difficult for people. It’s at the intersection of copywriting(creative) and programming(tech). Few people have the skills to do both: write compelling copy and create automated emails.

Social Media Ads

It is hard to target conservatives on social media these days. Facebook and Google have made it significantly harder to target by political affiliation. Unless you’re a social media ads expert, you’re likely unable to do it.

We will work with you to create advertisements that help you achieve your goals, and do it in as efficient a way as possible.

WordPress Site Development

If you don’t have an online presence, we can help. We will create for you a well-designed and blazing-fast website.

A website that represents your values and that your customers will love.

Brandywine Advertising
will make sure you get seen‬

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