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Brandywine Advertising serving West Chester, Wilmington, & Philadelphia

We are your local friendly search engine optimization(SEO) and search engine marketing(SEM) agency. Our specialty is getting you found on Google and all other search engines.

If you’re a small business looking to increase your visibility on Google Maps and Google Search, we can help.

We’re different from most agencies that advocate for large ad spends that may or may not work for your industry.

At Brandywine Advertising, we believe in marketing as an investment. Our approach is to create amazing high-quality content for your website so that customers will find you when they have a problem.

It’s our duty to help good businesses in West Chester, Wilmington, and Philadelphia.

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Show up on Google Search Results

Half of all Google Searches are for local products and services.

Instead of spending money on ads daily, with search engine optimization, you can invest in your firm’s digital presence and have clients come to you when they need your services.

Target your audience specifically

Finding your customers on Facebook or Instagram is difficult and expensive.

By creating strategic content for your website and optimizing your Google Business Profile, your target audience and potential customers will find you.

Get Organic Traffic that Converts

The first search result on Google gets 30% more clicks than the next result.

Organic traffic is the highest quality traffic and is far more likely to lead to customers and clients than social media marketing.

Located near the action — The Best Customer Service

We located in Kennett Square. This allows us to provide SEO services to Wilmington DE, West Chester PA, and Philadelphia and do it with a personal touch.

We can help your business get customers because we know your customers. It’s much easier to write SEO articles when you know your audience like we do.

Content marketing and local SEO are best performed by SEO agencies that can get to know their clients and their customers.

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What people are saying

Chris DeCicco

“Jon was professional, knowledgable, and delivered quickly. He gave me great suggestions on how to make the project even better and his communication was top-notch. This included taking the time to explain to me things I didn’t understand. His attention to detail was meticulous. Look forward to working with him again.”

“He did an excellent job. Gave suggestions on how to approach the project from angles we hadn’t requested. Definite rehire.”

Rachel Wang

The problem with most marketing agencies

  • They’re impersonal and don’t know the local markets
  • They make their money from a 15% ad spend markup.
  • They have a churn and burn model that encourages constantly getting new clients and delivering bad outcomes.

How Brandywine Advertising is different

  • We’re staffed by local marketers in the West Chester, Wilmington, and Philadelphia areas.
  • No trafficking markup. We do not prioritize paid advertising. We believe SEO is an investment.
  • You’ll know exactly how the marketing is performing. Analytics governs all our decisions.

Our Services

SEO Content Marketing

It is well-known in digital marketing that traffic from Google is the best traffic your website can get. The people that come from Google searches are looking for answers and services.

By investing in your business,’ SEO, you can make sure your business is the one they find when they need help.

Local SEO Marketing

Have you ever searched for something “near me?” Most people have. It’s one of the most popular searches on the internet.

Regional businesses can capitalize on Google and people’s preferences for going local. We can help you be the first firm they see.

WordPress Site Development

If you need an online presence, we can help. We will create for you a well-designed and blazing-fast website.

A website that represents your values and that your customers will love.

Brandywine Advertising
will make sure you get seen‬

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